Grand Café Lochergut - the beginning of a love story!

what a masterstroke! and it happened a few steps away from our apartment. be aware Grand Café - we're gonna take your offer and you'll be our second home from now on. and I'm pretty sure that we'll never leave hungry or thirsty. the appetizer, champagne and wine you offered made us want to have more- your food made me want to travel to Israel. thank you!

Grand Café Lochergut opens his doors to all of you this Friday, May 13. - it's the third master piece after the beautiful restaurant Gartenhof and the vivid bar Raygrodski (actually just on the other side of the street from the new Grand Café). Since the owner is rooted in Israel you'll find a high class selection of mediterranean-oriental soul food. we already tried some for you - and all of it was so flavourful & beautifully arranged. Mezze on fleek!