Juice served here: Juicery 21!

My word, I was the happiest the other day. Why? Because I just found my new place to be, Juicery 21, a hidden treasure aka a whole in the wall. The place reminded me of my favorite juice bar in Silverlake, Los Angeles. So I got myself an organic almond milk. And it tasted like the one I used to drink in L.A. - heavenly! Talking to Fred, the owner, he told me that "Juice served here" was his inspirational source for his shop. I couldn't believe it, that's exactly the place I loved so much in California. Since I missed the Californian lifestyle quite a lot the last few days, it made my heart beat faster. 
Fred is concerned about what ingredients he uses. All the juices are cold-pressed, means, the nutrients don't get lost in the process. 
The coffee tastes amazing too, and they even use my favorite coffee machine, the La Marzocco. 
My new place to be in Zurich. 

Juicery 21
Sihlstrasse 93

M-F 7am-7pm
S 8am-5pm


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