go organic!

Since living in L.A. I'm more concerned about what goes into my body than ever. By the beginning of the year I had some major health issues, due to food and it's quality. I got sick and had a lot of bacterias in my body. My immune system was pretty weak. Since starting to eat organic, it's a lot better and even my skin got better (due to all natural cosmetics, but that's another topic) ;)
Living in the US is so tricky when it comes to nutrition. There are so many products which are genetically modified and just don't come in the way we are used to them back home in Switzerland. Milk is not milk. Meat does not contain meat. Fruit and vegetable don't grow on authentic farms anymore, and come with a lot of pesticides on it. So what now? I started volunteering at the local farmers market in Silverlake to earn some good quality fruit from a farm up in Bakersfield. I went to the organic food stores around (Lassens is my favourite) and looked for the best organic deals. For example: buy whole organic carrots at Trader Joe's instead of the more expensive peeled baby carrots (you get more and you get all the nutrition, since the baby carrots are not really natural and they put them into chlorine after harvesting) ;) Look for non-gom products.
Go for products with as little ingredients as possible: SIMPLICITY - as close to God's version.

Fortunate is it that even when there are many bad food places in the U.S., there are some good quality organic restaurants too (not even too pricy).

2943 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

What a great brunch spot! Very nice outdoor seating in the shade. We went there with our friends and everyone ordered something different. We all liked it. I had some scrambled tofu with tomatoes and spinach, ordered fruit as my side (melon, pineapple, kiwi). My husband and Nico had a huge omelette with a side of salad / fruit and buckwheat pancakes. And Silja got a bowl full of fruit topped with a gluten free granola! You got it girl! ortions are not too big, not too small I'd say their not really specialised when it comes to coffee though. 
Good value for money! I'd come back. 

Flore Vegan
3818 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

We came here with my sister and two other friends on a Saturday evening. We were lucky and got an outside table. Flore serves super fresh and tasty food. I got THE SALAD and it was loaded with goodness. The portion was big and you can make two meals out of it. Very good value for money!!! Because our waitress messed up pretty much our whole order - we got a dessert, all of our drinks and our friends dinner for free - THANK YOU! ;)  

The Alcove Cafe & Bakery
1929 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

This place is alway crowded, no matter what time of the day! But now I know why: It's really good! Probably the best sweet potato fries I've had so far. The boys ordered some real burgers and the girls some delicious salad. I got the bean bean bean salad on a bed of spinach. The plate was full, so I took half of it back home ;) And the other portions were big aswell. 
What a lovely place.