HEJ, let's say I'm the sugarless sugar cube. 

My name: Michelle Sara
Born and raised in: Switzerland (Bern)
I am: married to David, mommy to Lee David (May 2017), Swiss bred, sports lover, coffee addict
Interested in: Interior Design, cook books
Passionate about: family & friends, cooking, baking, nature, city life, creating a warm environment
My favourite places? Los Angeles (Silverlake & Venice, where I lost my heart), New York City, Barcelona, Florence, Berlin, Tokio, Sydney
Where to find me: concept stores, farmers markets, movie theatres, along the river / lake, in a book stores, coffee shops, at the gym ;) 
Anything I could eat every day? Yap, avocados, hummus, carrots, watermelon, papaya, pineapple, berries and a lot of cheeeeese! 
favourite drink?  coconut water, apple juice (when in season), coffee coffee coffee (and cold brew coffee) and maybe a matcha latte
My biggest adventure (so far)? Living in Los Angeles for a whole year with my dear husband, having a baby (!!!)
What I want to tell you on my blog? I'm very health conscious & constantly trying to figure out the best ways to skip sugar, wheat & bad fats.
I love having food and coffee and want to share my favourite spots with you. I love travelling, so I'll keep you posted about my favourite places around the world. And surely some labels and cute things for the little peas (and their moms). 

I hope you'll find some inspirational things on my page.